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Get Your High School Diploma With the Most Comprehensive GED Course in Israel


The GED Online Course has three distinct parts: The Online Lessons and quizzes; the Textbook information and quizzes; the weekly meetings with the GED Verbal and Math teachers, where all of your questions are answered. For those who can commit to a strong self-study program, this is optimal.

The Live, In-Class course is taught by professional teachers who have helped hundreds of students receive their GED Diplomas. The Live course consists of two 4-hour classes per week and is given in Tel Aviv. There are homework assignments and quizzes, and all of the material is taught by the teachers. If you need to be taught everything by teachers, this course is designed for you.


Available: In Class or Online

The most comprehensive and exclusive GED course in Israel – Made especially for new immigrants to Israel who don’t have their High School diploma.

The course takes place in Tel Aviv Mondays and Thursdays from 5PM-9PM (contact us for an exact schedule). You will learn all the sections of the test – Math, English, Science and Social Studies – in a very easy to understand way!

​GMAX has been preparing students successfully for the GED test for over 15 years.

Who is This Course For?

If you lived abroad and came to Israel after the age of 14, all major universities in Israel will accept your GED diploma as an American high school diploma. Also, if you always lived here in Israel, but never studied Math and English in school, you are eligible to take the GED and have it recognized. 


Additionally, all American colleges accept the GED instead of a high school diploma.


A new Live, In-Class GED Course begins at least twice a year. The Online GED Course starts every 2 months. The GMAX GED courses are exceptional because they cover each topic right from the beginning. Students will not feel left behind or “in the dark.” The courses are designed for people who speak and read English as a first or strong second language.


Online Course: Contact us for schedule

Tel Aviv: Contact us for schedule

Facts about the GED test

This test replaces the 4 years of high school and covers the following topics:

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Functions.

Reading for Understanding; Writing Accurately and Persuasively; Correct English Grammar.

American History; The US Constitution and Bill of Rights; Economics; Politics.

Biology; Earth Science; Chemistry; Physical Science

Course Outline

Within just 6 months you will complete the equivalent of 4 years of high school.

However, you have to be committed. There is homework five days a week. There are meetings twice a week.

This is the key to your future – go for it!


During the GED Course – live or online – you will have the opportunity to have ten essays graded and corrected by our editor. Your grammar, punctuation, style of writing, and fluency will improve dramatically. In addition, you will begin to read more quickly and understand more of what you have read, so that you can answer the reading comprehension questions more easily. These two benefits will help you throughout your career, as well as on your GED test.

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The preparation for the GED Test includes a full schedule of mathematics. You will review all of the topics on the test, and what was once difficult for you may now become much easier. The GED Test allows you to use a specific calculator for most of the mathematics questions, and we teach you how to use it, and also give you the calculator to keep. Moving on from arithmetic to algebra, and then to geometry and statistics will feel like a natural progression. All of the GMAX GED students who completed the course passed all of the sections of the GED, including the math section! You will do so also!




In this section, you will learn all of the fundamental concepts of the various branches of science and become familiar with scientific thinking and methods. Some of our GED Graduates have gone on to university to major in science! This part of the course is fascinating if you have an interest in how the world works.




From Columbus through to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and then from the Civil War to the Constitution, and through the history that is happening today, you will review the history of the United States. Learn the concepts of economics and how to understand the business pages of the newspaper. Understand the geography of the world and of the United States, so that you can read political charts and maps with confidence.

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